Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Soldiers Called "Idiots"

Cartoonist says soldiers don't deserve support
December 22, 2004, 7:23 PST PM

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co: In the December 15 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette, conservative political cartoonist Chuck Asay says that American soldiers are not a very smart bunch.

"I know they're over there and everything," said Asay, sitting at his desk with his pen in his hand, "but that again just shows you how stupid they are."

He cited as an example a Tennessee National guardsman, calling him "as dumb as a bitch dog." Specialist Thomas Wilson now famously questioned Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in early December about the lack of armor on military Humvees. The secretary has been the target of heavy criticism in the press, and even from some Republican members of Congress, since the questions.

"Complete dunce, if you ask me," said Asay. "That soldier's obviously not smart enough to form his own opinion, or to formulate a question even, so this reporter used his stupid little brain to get him ask a stupid question."

When asked why the soldiers around Specialist Wilson applauded the 'stupid' question, Asay replied, "Well, what do you expect? They're stupid."

More than half of the more than 1,300 US soldiers who have died in Iraq have been killed by roadside bombs or in attacks from rocket-propelled grenades. Many of those deaths, and the serious injuries to thousands more, have been blamed on the lack of armor the soldier referred to.

"I know they say, even I say, 'Support the Troops,'" said the cartoonist, "but I don't know, maybe we should change it to 'Support George Bush.' The troops are just tools for him to use. It's not about them. They should just shut up."

He added, "You wouldn't find me in one of those Humvees. Just shows you how stupid they are."

NewScrewer Says: Here's the patriotic little cartoon I derived these comments from. And here's a Daily Kos Diary that has a little to say about it.


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